Candles were first formed by the human race to avoid darkness. The light of a candle brought in assurance, warmth, hope and love. It was not a luxury but a necessity. As the Earth evolved brighter and powerful lights were discovered. Light became the symbol of abundance and luxury. Sustainability faded.
In these years, I learnt to believe that candles remind us that there’s a tomorrow, if not for me then surely for someone else. I need to save and blow out the wick before I sleep. My love for the essence of candles brought me closer to nature . The idea of adding dry fallen leaves to the candles further deepened my acceptance towards mindfulness
Each candle is a gift of nature. The shells, flowers are all handpicked during the nature walk. No piece would be identical as every flower, petal, seed, bud and sea shell has their own journey. The flowers are placed such that they don’t burn out but sink as the wax melts.
Kindly do not leave any candle unattended and remember to blow them off before leaving.
Wish that we all bask in the warmth of a candle light.

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